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Khimti I Hydropower Project (60 MW)

Khimti I Hydropower Project (60 MW)

This project has an installed capacity of 60 MW and uses a gross head of 684 m through a total waterway length of 10 km at the rated flow of 10.75 m3/s, producting 350 GWh units of energy annually.

Construction works for the project was started in1993, although the work gained momentum only after financial closure in June 1996. The project was completed in May 2000, ahead of schedule despite tremendous geological, logistical and other local problems.

The environmental impact of the project is very minor and the project has been praised for its excellent compliance with strict health, safety and environmental standards. Cooperation of workforce during construction of the project was also extremely good throughout the project period.

Project Khimti I Hydropower Project (60 MW)
Location Ramechhap/Dolakha District, Central Nepal
Financed by Asian Development Bank, IFC/World Bank, NORAD, Nordic Development Fund, Exportfinance
Owner Himal Power Limited (HPL)
Independent Engineer Morrisson Knudsen Co.
Project Management Statkraft Engineering (Norway), Butwal Power Company
Civil Contractor Consortium of Statkraft Anlegg AS, Norway (now NCC) and Himal Hydro
Electro-Mechanical ABB Kraft (now Alstom), Kvaerner Energy (now GE), Nepal Hydro & Electric
Intake River Khimti Khola
Dam/Intake Gravity Concrete, Excavation 28,000m3, Rip Rap 14,000m3
Desilting Basin 30 m x 120 m with 4 nos. of serpent sluicing system in two chambers. Excavation 85,000m3, Concrete 22,000m3 (Including Intake)
Tunnels Headrace 14m2 x 8km, Inclined 4.5 – 6m2 x 937m, Access 24m2 x 890m, Tailrace 15.5m2 x 1,400m
Highest Head Project in Nepal Gross Head 684 m, Longest Headrace Tunnel (8000 m), Longest Penstock Tunnel (1000 m)
Underground Powerhouse 70 m long, 11 m wide & 17 m high cavern
Total Cost of Project US$ 140 Million
Cost of Civil Works US$ 56 Million
Period of Construction 1996 – 2000